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IGNITED MIND LAB Mental Maths Competition

Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition is very unique and immensely effective in developing interest in Maths. Our main objective is to develop interest in Maths by engaging students into solving variety of problems at different levels of difficulty and give them confidence that they can do it. It is much more than a mere competition.

Excellence in Arithmetic * Application of Maths concepts * HOTS (higher order thinking skills)

Objectives of Mental Maths Competition:-

  • To promote interest in mental maths,
  • to test speed and accuracy of arithmetic calculations,
  • to inspire confidence in students that they can solve challenging problems themselves.

Curriculum / Syllabus and Study materials:-

The curriculum covers the fundamental concepts of Mathematics. Every Grade has a separate curriculum, appropriate for its level (Sr. KG to VII).

Study material is our strength. A lot of thinking and efforts have gone into evolving the study material over the years. We approach the subject in a step-wise and scientific manner, begin with simple sums and gradually move to complex problems.

The worksheets are colourful, attractive and full of pictures. Children instantly like them. The worksheets are designed in such a…


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Mental Maths Competition - 2019

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