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Mental Maths Competition

1.    This Mental Maths Competition is for students studying in Std. I to Std. VII.

2.    Students should register through their schools only. However, students residing in Mumbai region can apply directly. 

3.   After enrolment, 3 workbooks and a model paper will be provided to prepare for the examination. The study material / worksheets are designed in such a way that students can study and practice on their own - without much support from parents or teachers. Learning on their own makes a great experience for them. Early success in problem solving enhances their self esteem and encourages them to solve even more challenging problems.

4.    First round examination details:-

a.    The examination will be held in the month of November / December.

b.    Time duration will be 1 ½ hours.

c.    No negative marking for first round of examination.

5.    Management reserves right to change date and/or venue due to unforeseen events.

6.    Successful students will get certificate. Students scoring greater than or equal to cut-off marks will be selected for “Grand Finale” which will be held on 31st January, 2016.

7.    Cut-off marks for Grand Finale :-

a.    Std. I          : 295 and above (out of 300)

b.    Std. II - IV  : 180 and above (out of 200)

c.    Std. V - VII : 160 and above (out of 200)

8.    Grand Finale key points:-

a.    Time duration is 1 hour. Total marks will be same as first round.

b.    Negative marking system:- Half mark will be reduced for every wrong answer.

c.    Syllabus will be same as first round but with increased level of difficulty

9.    Top three positions in Grand Finale will be awarded cash prizes -

a.    1st prize – Rs. 10,000 /-

b.    2nd prize – Rs. 5,000 /-

c.    3rd prize – Rs. 3,000 /-

d.    Other meritorious students will be awarded Medals and Certificates of Merit.

 If there is a tie, first round marks will be considered to resolve the tie. If a tie for any position remains unresolved, prize money will be distributed / shared as per the method described on website.

10.  Fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances. Admission is not transferrable.


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