What do teachers and students say about Mental Maths Competition?

"Mental math, irrelevant of its applications, is an excellent way to stimulate one's mind. Not only does it generally stimulate your mind, but it also helps one get a better "number sense." In other words, one becomes more familiar with how numbers interact--this is very important because as you know, math is something that builds on itself. If you don't have a good grasp on how numbers interact, then the more complicated math will seem like more of a challenge. t's worth noting that estimation uses the same skills as exact mental arithmetic and more. A teacher who says arithmetic skills are unimportant is depriving students of an essential life skill. Such mental math competitions help in laying a firm foundation for students’ future development."

-          Mallika Menon, Faculty Head - Maths, Dubai Scholars Private School


We are often asked by students, “Why should we develop mental math skills when we can easily use calculators and make like easy?”

The answer to that is, “Strong mental math skills promote deeper conceptual understanding, ensure accurate calculations, better speed and creates better memory.” It is a misconception that mental maths is about rote learning. On the contrary, mental math skills enable students to work out the most efficient way of solving a problem. I strongly feel that participating in Mental Math Competitions helps improve mental agility to a great extent.

-       Sophia Maqbool, Mathematics Coordinator (Years 3-8), Pristine Private School


Students enjoy mental math questions as it gives motivation and self-confidence. Rather than mere memorization, it requires proper understanding. Learning how to work on Mental math questions can be fun and effective when they use and apply mental strategies. This should be inculcated regularly.

-       Sony Fernandez, Al Diyafah High School, Head of Math – Primary


Mental Maths Competition helps students to recollect their knowledge which they have attained, apply to the need and develop problem solving skills." Maths is the key and it is the beauty for every critical situation which can be solved....

-       Sherhan Rasheed, HOD, Department of Mathematics, Crescent English High School,  Dubai.


Mental math is an integral part of any human being. Mastering mental math among children is becoming lesser in today's life style. Ignited mind lab is conducting mental math competition to promote mathematical thinking among young children in India, Dubai. Great effort, very well planned, organised, conducted in a very professional manner. Ignited Mind Lab competition gave a wonderful opportunity to the students to practice, use and master easy mental math strategies. Great effort ! Well done !

-       Girija Gopalakrishnan, Head of primary Math, AL Diyafah High school (2016-17)
Currently living in Vancouver


"Mental  Math keeps our brains quick and sharp. It  trains our brain and improves number sense". So exercise your brain by practicing " Ignited Mental Math"  

-          Murugan  Mani, Head of the Department –Maths, Indian Academy Dubai


"Mental math focuses on teaching children to undertake arithmetic accurately and quickly. Competitions like mental math exam offers children a tremendous advantage in building mathematical confidence."

-       Nasrin S N, Mathematics Teacher, Crescent English high school, Dubai


The Ignited Mind Lab Competition was a very constructive learning experience for my son. It was a great platform to get recognized on. Most of all, the study material was very well organised and apt for preparing for the competition and even for academic purposes. Additionally, he received help from UCMAS Fujairah. It was overall very educationally enriching. 

 - Anam Haque, parent of Ahmed Akhtar, student of Our Own English High School, Fujairah


"Preparing for Competitive exams like Mental Maths is the platform to mould students for higher professional competition exams. It helps improve practical mathematical problems, logical reasoning, concentration and memory. I thank my parents and teachers who motivated me for such competitions."

-       Soumil Jain, Grade 6, Our Own High School - Al Warqa’a


I liked the exam because it helped me improve my concentration, made me revise old concepts. Besides I like to solve challenging sums.

-          Neer, Grade 4, Gems Modern Academy


"I was very happy to participate among so many students. Ignited Mind lab helped me challenge and improve my mental math skills. I noticed that I am able to solve problems much faster than before. I thank them for this opportunity."

-          Zahra Huzefa Jamnagerwalla, Grade 2, Al Diyafah High school


I believe that these competitions help us a lot in building our confidence. It also helps to motivate us to be much more passionate and successful in maths

-          Paridhi Bhandari, Year 7, Dubai College


Mental math actually keeps our brains quick and sharp. Mental math helps us function in our daily lives in situations such as shopping.

-          Ishita Jain, Grade7, Millennium school Dubai


Really excited to participate in the Ignited Minds Lab Mental Maths competition, the worksheets are designed to have more of a fun way of learning and as practicing it sharpens the observation, enhances concentration, leading kids to be more interested, confident, skillful and comfortable in maths. 

-          Sreehari Unnikrishnan, Grade 2, India International School, Sharjah


Mental maths lays foundation for more complex. It is helpful in our day to day life. It keeps us fresh throughout the day. It is a good brain exercise and helps throughout our life. It improves ability like concentration, memory, Imagination, visualisation etc. It also helps to do calculations faster.

-          Yug Rajesh Shah, Grade 6, Our Own High School, Al Warqaa, Dubai