My child increased concentration. Cash scholarship prizes are a big boost to raise morale of kids.
Sheetal Shenvi

Your study material is colourful & simple syllabus. My son enjoyed it. Please provide more study material for practice and take up other subjects too.
Bharti Shetty

To be able to solve all sums in stipulated time gives lots of confidence. We appreciate the efforts taken by your team to organise this competition so well.
Nikeeta Nayak

The exam increased mental ability of my child. He can now solve more difficult problems in given short period.
Hemraj Patil

A very good platform for the child to be competitive. Very good. Keep it up.
Victor Barnes

All topics covered. Study material is attractively designed, so children feel like they are solving puzzles.
Madhavi Prabhu-Bambardekar

His concentration and speed has improved. Made him more confident & sharper. The pattern & syllabus are good.
Vidya Kenia

It's a good effort in the midst of boring education. My son is taking more interest now. You should improve communication with parents.
Dr. Sharig Nisar

My son understood importance of maths, got exposure of advance maths. He is very impressed with your worksheets and love it. Good coverage of syllabus.
Naresh Bhalala

My son got more interested and improved his speed. Syllabus is well covered according to grade. Even grade 1 students get to learn and experience of giving examination outside school.
Prabha Doshi

Study material was designed in such a way that children automatically get interested instead of getting bored.
Dr. Shagufta Siddiqui

Ignited Mind Lab helps younger generation to show more interest in Mathematics which generally is a tough subject for children.
Kasiviswanathan V.

My daughter has learned to addition & subtraction sums mentally without using pencil & paper. Your exam builds confidence and prepares students for competitive exams much early and enhances competitive attitude.
Debapriya Ghosh