Mental Maths Competition - 2021

1.    Mental Maths Competition is for students studying in KG2 to Grade 7 (For UK Year 1 to 8).

2.    Students can participate through their schools only. 

3.   Reference study material kit has 3 workbooks and a model paper. The worksheets are designed in such a way that students can study and practice on their own - without much support from parents or teachers. Learning on their own makes a great experience for them. Early success in problem solving enhances their self esteem and encourages them to solve even more challenging problems.

4.    First round examination details:-

a.    The examination will be held online between February and April, 2021.

b.    Time duration will be 1 hour. Max. Marks - 100 for all grades.

c.    No negative marking for first round of examination.

5.    Management reserves right to change date and/or venue due to unforeseen events.

6.    All participating students will get certificate.

7.    Students scoring cut-off marks and above will be selected for “Grand Finale”. The date of Grand Finale will be announced later.

8.    Cut-off marks for Grand Finale :-

a.    KG2 - No Grand Finale and cash prizes for KG 2 students

b.    Grade 1                : 80 / 100

b.    Grade 2 - 4          : 70 / 100

c.    Grade 5 - 7          : 70 / 100

9.    Grand Finale key points:-

a.    Grand Finale fees is AED 60 + VAT. Time duration is 45 minutes. Total marks will be same as first round.

b.    Negative marking system - Half mark will be reduced for every wrong answer.

c.    Syllabus will be same as first round but with increased level of difficulty

10.    Awards, recognition and prizes -

a.    1st prize  – AED 1,500 /- + Trophy + Certificate of Merit

b.    2nd prize – AED 1,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate of Merit

c.    3rd prize  –  AED    500 /- + Trophy + Certificate of Merit

d.    At School Level - Top 3 students from each class will be awarded Medals and Certificate of Merit for their Grand Finale performance.

 If there is a tie, first round marks will be considered to resolve the tie. If a tie for any position remains unresolved, ALL prizes for that Grade will be recomputed and distributed in such a way that First, Second and Third individual prize money is in the ratio of 3:2:1

11.  Competition entry fee and cost of study material is AED 80. Shipping charges applicable if shipped to student directly.