Verification of Grand Finale Marks  Jun 11, 2021


Who should apply for verification of marks?

  • Any candidate who is not satisfied with his/her marks.
  • If a candidate wants copy of answer sheet.

Process for Verification of Marks

  • Students can apply for verification of marks by 13th June, 2021. Application will not be accepted thereafter.
  • Login to your account and apply for verification. Make payment online AED 40 /- plus VAT

Scope of Verification

  • We will provide copy of Answer sheet.
  • Checking and verifying answers given by the student.
  • Result of verification will be conveyed within 3 days from the day of receipt of application.

Effect of Verification of Marks on Prizes

We reserve right to include and declare winner if marks of any student increase on verification and the student becomes eligible for prizes. All prizes for that Class will be recomputed.